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Parking Heater

DW5 Parking Heater

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 Product Introduction: DW5 parking heater, also named DW5 water heater (D refers to diesel, W refers to water, and 5 refers to 5 kilowatts power), takes advantage of combustion heat transfer principle to heat the cooling liquid circulation system. With engine, radiator, defroster and other auxiliary radiator devices, it constitutes a circulation system and provides heat source for starting engine in low temperature, windshield defrosting and keeping car room warm.

 Product Advantages:

 1: Compact structure is convenient to dismount and maintain.

 2: Full combustion so that the thermal efficiency is high.

 3: Avoid starting engine in low temperature and reduce engine wear.

 Working Principle: Combustion supporting air from surrounding environment mixes with fuel from fuel tank in combustion chamber. Then, the mixture is ignited. Heat exchanger will send the heat to cooling liquid circulation system.

 Scope of Application: Mainly apply to starting engine in low temperature, defrosting and heating of all kinds of vehicles using water-cooled engine such as sedan cars, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, engineering vehicles, boats, ships and yachts. In addition, DW5 parking heater also can apply to heating, thermal insulation and preheating of all kinds of vans, sprinklers, sanitation vehicles, food trucks and transporting plants vehicles which use water (antifreeze) circulation system.


 Technical Specifications:

Product model


voltage (V)


thermal power (W)


power consumption (W)


fuel consumption (L/H)


Lowest working temperature


Dimension (mm)


weight  (KG)






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