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Industry Trends

How to distinguish controller between high quality and low quality car boat bus cabin auto seat gaso

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三、Comparison of the controller of the heater

1、Waterproof, dustproof and antistatic



High quality product: Metal box plastic shell, wire harness sealing



Cheap product: Plastic wire, bare wire harness

Cheap heaters not metal box plastic casing protection,when the heater running, there will be a lot of dust and lead to static electricity, or cause water to enter and lead to short circuit, or even cause a fire. But the high quality heater because of the metal box plastic shell to protect, can be waterproof, dustproof, anti static.




The controller of the high quality heater has 3 ports, one of  is connected with the electric plug, and the other two ports are connected to the fault diagnosis device. It can be programmed, and can detect the running state of the heater during operation. It can diagnose faults and provide basis for maintenance. Cheap heating on the market does not have this function.
3、The plug-in of the controller


The cheap heater plug-in on the market uses a toy like plug-in that is not waterproof. The high quality heater's plug-in material is made of plastic, which is stronger, durable and waterproof.

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