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Industry Trends

How to distinguish wire between high quality and low quality car diesel parking heaters similar to w

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二、Wire beam contrast of heaters

1、Plug-in unit


High quality product:  Have brand logo


Cheap product: No logo

Cheap plug-in have no logo, can not identified the source of materials.

But the plug-in unit of our company in heater is Delphi parts imported from Germany, let the user ease of use.




2、Wire diameter


The larger the line diameter, the greater the flow of the wire.

A heater wire diameter on the market are relatively small.

But the specifications of high quality  are fixed, wire diameter is larger.



Cheap heaters  not waterproof, when running, if not careful, will cause the heater fault short circuit, or even lead to fire. But heaters of high quality used waterproof treatment, which increased security in the use of customers.



4、Outer packing of wire harness


The  wire harness of cheap product directly wrapped with black tape, when the machine is running, easy adhesion and failure between wires. But the high quality wire harness using rubber sleeve, not easy to lead to wire adhesion.



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