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Ordinary Defroster

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     Ordinary defroster includes the heat exchanger, chassis and fan, etc., using the car cycle mode to achieve single warm defrost function. It is connected to the heater or engine cooling circulation system, exchanging the high temperature coolant from the system by the heat exchanger into hot air. The defrosting pipe evenly blow the hot air onto the internal side of the windshield glass, to achieve the panoramic defrost or defogging
     1. Low noise, easy installation, energy saving.
     2. Heat exchanger use the internal spiral and window-type aluminum,with high heat transfer efficiency, good pressure resistance, good security
     3. large air volume evaporative fan, with a high efficiency, long life
     4. With the control panel and control valve, to achieve automatic temperature function.
    5. The driver can set the damper, temperature and wind speed according to personal requirements


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