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Heater And Cooling Defroster

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     Heating&Cooling defroster have a more complete defrost function , with  the two functions of  heating in winter, and cooling in summer. It is connected to the heater or engine cooling circulation system, exchanging the high temperature coolant from the system into hot air through the heat exchanger tank .The defrosting pipe evenly blow the hot air onto the internal side of the windshield glass, to achieve the panoramic defrost or defogging

     1. Large air volume evaporative fan, with a high efficiency and long life
     2. two functions of  heating in winter, and cooling in summer
    3. Fresh air function can effectively improve the winter defrost, and defogging effect
    4. Heat exchanger use the internal spiral and window-type aluminum,with high heat transfer efficiency, good pressure resistance, good security
    5. The air conditioning function can achieve the switch between the face blowing, feet blowing and defrosting


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