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China Yusenn Technology co.,Ltd

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Add: Floor 12, building 9, e-commerce
Industrial Park, hi tech zone, zhengzhou
city, henan province, China

Tel: +86-371-86526381

Mob: +86 18537111591

Email: yanhaiyun@yusenn.com

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     Zhengzhou Yusenn has a wealth of experience to provide customers with best pre-sale and after-sale service, and if you are interested in our products, please contact us.
     Product Consultation: 0371-86559811  +86 18537111591
     Zhengzhou Yusenn Auto Products Science and Technology Development CO., LTD
     Phone: 0371-86526381
     Fax: 0371-86526381
     E-mail: sales06@heater-parking.com
     Address: No.52, Hongsong Avenue, National HI-TECH Industry Development Zone.  Zhengzhou, China.

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