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Maintenance tips of parking heaters in summer

Release time:2018-06-05   Browsing amount:


At this time of the year, in the season of spring and summer, the car heaters used by the card-friends have reached the time of suspension. This time lasts for about 5 months, probably in the season of May-September. In the season, the routine maintenance of the heater is also an indispensable part. Here we will talk about the maintenance knowledge of the parking heater.
1,Run the heaters once every 3-4 weeks, about 10 minutes each time.The purpose is to prevent the oil pump and combustion air fan and other mechanical parts from solid operation. Of course, it is best to operate at night and the temperature during the day is high.
2. Inspect the oil circuit system of the heater and the air inlet and air outlet at the same time to check whether there is any dirt plugging and make the air duct unimpeded and prevent overheating.
3, Check the main line to avoid tubing wearing phenomenon.
4, Dismantle the heaters before winter and check these parts: the intake pipe, exhaust pipe whether there is foreign matter; clean carbon deposition to ensure that the combustion chamber is clean; check the ignition plug, the combustion chamber needs to be replaced; controller, the main motor is firmly connected.Besides,the fuel filter is replaced once a year.

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