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How to install and maintain the economy auto air conditioner

Release time:2018-04-09   Browsing amount:

Air conditioning host shell is equipped with negative black line 3.5 meters, positive rad line 6.5 meters, 8 rubber blocks,2 tube head,and 8 sets of screws.


1,The outdoor unit does not need bracket but is fixed with the car body directly.This modal can be flat laying;


2, Open the outdoor unit shell, take out the accessories, pull out the electric wire,and choose to avoid the engine and muffler heat source.For example,as for truck,it should be installed on rear side,and be corresponded with the shell of 8 hole hole drilling ( can also be fixed according to the situation 4 - 6 holes );   


3, The wire harness and the air conditioning pipe are pulled out from the lower left corner of the main machine,and the air conditioning pipe passes over the relay and is fixed by a strap and a reserved round hole;  


4, Rubber blocks must be added between the bottom shell and the vehicle body to ensure stabiliry and noise reduction ( smooth airinlet );  


5, Air conditioning tube should be short and appropriate,wiring harness positive and negative pole to be fixed  firmly;  


6, The degree of attention when the tube head is pressed, and the excessive tightening and thinning of the tube head pressure will affect the refrigaration effect;


7, Refrigerant charge is pure 134a, standard 500 g - 600 g ( too much will make the compressor temperature rise quickly, cause the compressor does not work ):


8, Clean the condenser regularly to prevent the refrigeration effect from being affected by blockage. and damage the compressor;


9, Often pay attention to the power generation ( especially 55 a below the generator ) driving, power generation is too small to make the air conditioning on and off;Serious, can't hit the car, if the parking after flameaut air conditioning use time is too short, generally for battery storage capacity is poor, should be replaced, at the same time will affect the air conditioning normal start again interval is too long ( sometimes 30 - 50 minutes to turn on the air conditioning )


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